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Eyebrow Hair Removal: Our Expert Breakdown

Those baby hairs beneath your brow line. Those pesky hairs that sprout up between the brows. Those stray hairs that grow just beneath your perfectly shaped eyebrows.

There are lots of ways to remove unwanted eyebrow hair, including some methods you can do at home. Yet despite their varied effectiveness, DIY methods all have two things in common:

They are time consuming, and you’ll have to do them over and over again.

Looking for a more permanent solution? Laser eyebrow hair removal is the best way to rid yourself of unwanted hair once and for all.

If you’re on a quest for the perfect eyebrows, here’s our expert guide to eyebrow hair removal:

Table of Contents

1. How Do You Remove Eyebrow Hair?
2. How Does Laser Eyebrow Removal Work?
3. How to Prepare for Laser Eyebrow Removal
4. What to Expect After Laser Eyebrow Removal
5. Is Laser Eyebrow Removal Safe?

How Do You Remove Eyebrow Hair?

Take a quick visit to Amazon or the As Seen on TV store and you’ll find all sorts of hair trimmers, eyebrow razors, electric eyebrow trimmers, eyebrow hair removers, shavers, and hair removal tools designed specifically for precision eyebrows.

Do they all claim to be the best eyebrow trimmers? In most cases, yes. And most of them will, in fact, remove your eyebrow hair.

But there are other options, too.

Small, curved scissors can be used to trim long brow hairs that grow above the edge of your brow.

Waxing strips are great for facial hair removal, especially for those fine baby hairs.

Plucking with tweezers is an easy way to target individual hairs that grow outside of your desired brow shape. With LED lights for precision and accuracy, rechargeable epilators used in small, circular motions allow you to target only the hairs you want to remove.

There are endless facial hair removal methods that people do over and over again at home.

Unfortunately, while removing eyebrow hair at home is easy, you’ll always need to do it again. No matter how much tweezing or waxing you do, you’ll have to endure an endless cycle of growing, removing, growing, and removing again.

There is a better way to address the issue — a permanent way — and that is laser hair removal.

How Does Laser Eyebrow Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a relatively painless process that permanently destroys the hair at the root. The light pulses emitted from the laser destroy the hair follicle and root so that hair can no longer grow in that area.

The process requires several sessions spread out over a period of several months. Once it’s completed, most people see permanent results or, at the minimum, a significant reduction in hair growth.

Multiple sessions are required because hair grows in three different stages. In order for the laser to be effective, hair must be in the growth phase.

Individual hairs grow at different rates, and hairs in one small area of the body can be in different stages at the same time.

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Leery of laser hair removal because you think it will hurt? Most people say that it feels like getting splashed with bacon grease or having a rubber band snapped against the skin.

And while some people do experience minor discomfort, the process is extremely quick. For a small treatment area, such as around the eyebrows, each session only takes a minute or two.

To learn more about the experience of going under the laser, check out our Laser Hair Removal FAQ article.

How to Prepare for Laser Eyebrow Removal

The first step in the process is to have a consultation with a certified laser technician at a laser hair removal clinic. During that consultation, your technician will explain the process, provide you with pre-treatment orders, and set expectations of results.

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In the weeks leading up to your first session, you’ll need to avoid sun exposure (including tanning in artificial light). The laser is most effective when the skin has its natural levels of pigmentation.

You’ll also need to avoid waxing and plucking, which pull the hair from the root. The root needs to be intact in order for the laser to effectively destroy it. Shaving, which does not destroy the root, is allowed in the days and weeks leading up to treatment.

In addition, you’ll need to avoid taking certain medications, such as NSAIDs, in the days leading up to each treatment session.

Usually, the pre-treatment orders are easy to follow. For most people, just making the commitment is the hardest part about preparing for laser hair removal.

Like facial hair and hairstyles, eyebrow trends change over time. Thinner, sparser brows were popular just a decade or two ago, while the current trend is fuller, thicker brows.

Before you change the shape of your eyebrows permanently, make sure that you’re ready to commit! Removing too much hair could leave you with sparse brows that you may need to fill in with pencils and eyebrow gels.

What to Expect After Laser Eyebrow Removal

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Following each treatment session, you will need to follow a strict aftercare plan. This includes staying out of the sun and avoiding activity that causes you to sweat in the treated area.

It’s also important to be aware of the potential side effects. In the hours following treatment, it is common to see redness, swelling, and itching. These can usually be soothed with aloe vera cream.

In rare cases, some patients see scars, blisters, and burns, but those are usually only a factor in people who do not follow the proper aftercare plan.

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Is Laser Eyebrow Removal Safe?

When performed by a certified technician, laser eyebrow removal is safe for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. With the exception of the eyelashes, it is safe for all areas of the face, including your sideburns and upper lip.

Laser hair removal is a quick process that provides excellent results. For most people, it eliminates the need to perform DIY hair removal methods at home. Even people who have less success with laser hair treatments can expect to see a significant reduction in hair growth.

Note: This procedure is not safe for pregnant women. For more information, check out this article: Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant.

Sure, you can continue to tweeze your eyebrow hairs one at a time. You can remove hair with waxing, threading, electrolysis, and other painful techniques.

Or, you can opt for a faster and effective method to get rid of your unwanted body hair once and for all.

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