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Laser Hair Removal Specials

Lifetime Laser Hair Removal - 65% Off

Lifetime Laser Hair Removal - 65% Off Learn More

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The Lifetime Package

Most people need up to 10 laser hair removal sessions for best results, but now you can save time and money by purchasing a lifetime supply of laser hair removal treatments. With payments starting as low as $29 a month!

With a Lifetime Package, you'll never have to pay for touch-ups or worry about purchasing individual treatments or packages that don't get the job done. We guarantee full removal forever!

The Lifetime Package includes unlimited laser hair removal sessions on a single area for one low price.

Why should you choose a Lifetime Package?

Everyone's body is different, so it is difficult to accurately estimate how many treatments you'll need to see lifelong results. Your body will change. For men, hair growth increases with age. With women, there are hormone changes such as Menopause, Pregnancy and PMS, these changes can trigger your hair growth.

Instead of purchasing individual treatments or smaller packages, upgrade to the Lifetime Package and never worry about paying for laser hair removal again!

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100% credit approval

Affordable Payment Plans

Don't let your financial history get in the way of your hair-free future! LaserAll guarantees approval for all customers.

Our easy payment options offer low monthly payments so that you can get the treatments you need, at a price that you can afford.

Hair Removal Stats

$ 29 k
The average amount women spend on hair removal in a lifetime.
$ 50
The starting cost of a single laser hair removal treatment.
The minimum number of treatments needed for permanent results.
65 %
The amount you'll save with a Lifetime Package from LaserAll.
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