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Funny Tattoo Fails!

If it wasn’t for tattoo fails there would be no LaserAll!

Here is a link to 25 of the funniest tattoo fails you’ll ever see. courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Tattooing can be a dangerous process if under the influence of alcohol. This is when bad decisions are made. Don’t drink and Ink!

Sometimes its the tattoo artist. Our recommendation is if your getting tattooed in a garage or at a party. You will regret it! Think before you ink!

Tattoos can seem funny or trendy. Maybe when you got the tattoo it seemed like the correct decision because you were young and carefree! But now you’re older, have a 9-5 with two children at home and are wearing clothes to hid the “Madonna – Like A Virgin” tattoo!

In the end there is no reason to worry… Why? Because LaserAll is here with all of your tattoo removal needs.