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What Not To Do Post Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment!!

No hot tubs or long baths! Both can be very dirty and heighten your risk of possible infection, it’s not recommended to immerse your treated area into hot or potentially dirty water for a few days after treatment. We also suggest avoiding direct and or high water pressure as the skin will be very sensitive and you don’t want to risk exposing the area to any infections or scarring. So please don’t power wash your treated area, especially with infected dirty water!

Exercise is bad within the first week of treatment. This all depends on the size of the tattoo and how quickly someone can recover post treatment. The opposite is true once swelling and redness go away. Stimulating blood flow to the tattoo can help speed up the removal process and is encouraged and recommended!!

Avoid shaving directly over the treated area to keep any scabbing intact. Removing scabbing can result in excessive scarring. You are also increasing your chances of infection if your razor isn’t clean. The only way to scar is to not take care of the treated area!

If you allow your treated area to heal naturally, it will decrease the amount of time between treatments, and will significantly decrease your chances of any scarring or permanent skin damage. Tattoo removal is safe but trying to rush the process can have harmful, lasting effects.

A lot of very intelligent people live in Colorado cities such as Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Johnstown, Lakewood, Windsor, Denver, and Colorado Springs. dare I say intelligent people live in Cheyenne and Denver too! So please follow these recommendations and your laser tattoo removal experience will always be pleasant! Also, make sure you do get your treatments done at LaserAll in Loveland- the best in the business!