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Reasons To Remove That Unwanted Ink!

We all know why people get tattooed, to be artistic, to be cool, maybe you’re starting a rock band or maybe you just had to many drinks on a Saturday night. But reasons for removing a tattoo can be much more personal!

A divorce or break up

One of the most commonly removed tattoos is name or ring finger tattoo. If a break up occurs then the last thing an individual needs is a constant reminder of an ex!

To fit in

We all had the 80’s haircut and later in the 90’s listened to Nirvana. However, bands will come go over the years and so do trends and fashion. Much like a tattoo of an old girlfriend or boyfriend, the removal of a band’s logo is also popular!


This one is easy. Some jobs simply won’t hire you because of tattoos. Right or wrong it is increasingly more accepted to have tattoos but there are still some bosses/ companies that are stuck in non progressive way of thinking. So that “Poison” tattoo has got to go!


Tattoos can be detrimental to a person’s fashion sense. people mature, fashions change, tattoos on the other hand stay the same!


All tattoos fade over time and may look extremely different from the artwork you received in the 80’s!

These are all reason’s to come in for a free consultation with your local tattoo removal experts