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Everything You Need to Know About Forehead Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair is a part of life. We shave our faces and underarms. We wax our legs and endure the pain of full-on Brazilian bikini waxes. We pluck and tweeze our eyebrows.

And the more time we spend on hair removal, the more tiresome and annoying it gets. No matter what DIY method you use at home, the hair always grows back!

Forehead hair is no different. From your eyebrows to those baby hairs that grow at your hairline, forehead hair is a big concern for a lot of men and women.

Tired of seeing those unwanted hairs growing on your face? Here’s everything you need to know about forehead laser hair removal.

Table of Contents

  1. Is Your Forehead Hair Bothering You?
  2. How to Remove Unwanted Forehead Hair at Home
  3. Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Your Forehead
  4. How to Prepare for Forehead Laser Hair Removal
  5. What to Expect After You Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Forehead

Is Your Forehead Hair Bothering You?

When we talk about forehead hair, we’re talking about a few different things:

There’s the hair that grows on your face at your hairline. There’s the peach fuzz that grows above your eyebrows. Then, of course, there are the eyebrows themselves and those pesky hairs that grow in between.

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Regardless of what type of forehead hair you’re dealing with, there are lots of ways to remove it. And many of those methods can be performed from the comfort of home.forehead hair DIY removal 1024x683

How to Remove Unwanted Forehead Hair at Home

Shaving, waxing, and plucking are among the most common ways to remove forehead hair at home, but they’re not the only options out there.

Depilatory creams and epilators are also effective and relatively painless methods you can do on your own. Threading works too.

There are even some natural remedies, like sugar and lime mixtures and oatmeal scrubs, which can get rid of those short hairs around your forehead.

Every method is different, but they all have one thing in common:

The hair will inevitably grow back.

Most DIY methods are inexpensive and easy to do. But over the course of your lifetime, you can spend hours getting rid of those unsightly hairs that pop up where you don’t want them.

Laser hair removal is a much more effective way to get rid of that forehead hair once and for all. You can learn more in our Laser vs. Waxing article.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Your Foreheadlaser hair removal forehead 1024x568

As the name suggests, laser hair removal involves the use of a powerful laser. That laser emits pulses of light directly into the hair follicle, destroying the hair at its root so it can no longer grow back.

It requires multiple sessions to see permanent results, but in small areas, each session only lasts a few minutes. Large treatment areas, such as the legs and back, require longer sessions.

Concerned that it will hurt? Most people only feel minor discomfort with laser hair removal.

Some people compare it to the feeling of snapping a rubber band against the skin, while others say it feels like splashing bacon grease. It can feel strange the first time you undergo laser treatment, but the sessions are so quick that most people say the pain level is minimal at most.

This lack of pain is just one of the many benefits of laser removal treatment.

If you’re considering getting permanent laser hair removal on your forehead, the first step in the process is to schedule a consultation with a certified laser technician.

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How to Prepare for Forehead Laser Hair Removal

During your initial consultation, your technician will explain the process in detail. They’ll let you know how many laser hair treatments you’re likely to need and what results you can expect to see, based on your hair type and skin type.

Your technician will also give you a detailed set of instructions. They’ll tell you exactly what to do and what not to do before your treatment.

The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure for several weeks prior to treatment. This includes natural tanning in the sun and all forms of artificial tanning, including tanning creams and tanning beds.

Why? Because the skin needs to have its natural level of melanin in order for the treatment to be most effective.

You also cannot pluck or wax the area for several weeks leading up to treatment, so you’ll need to endure a little bit of hair growth. Waxing and plucking pull the hair from the root, and the root needs to be intact for the laser to be effective.

It is okay to shave, so if you can’t handle the regrowth, you may shave the area as needed.

In the days leading up to treatment, you’ll also need to avoid taking certain medications, such as NSAIDs and blood thinners.

For more details, check out our Laser Hair Removal Preparation Guide.

What to Expect After You Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Forehead

During your initial consultation, your technician will also inform you of what to expect after treatment. This is important, as an aftercare plan is key to successful facial hair removal.

In the hours immediately following treatment, it is common to experience mild side effects, such as swelling and redness. These can usually be treated with something as simple as a bit of moisturizer with aloe. Most people see these effects diminish within a few short hours.

In order to see the best results, following the proper aftercare plan is just as important as following pretreatment orders.

You’ll need to stay out of the sun and avoid activity that causes your head to sweat. For 24 hours following treatment, avoid hot water, steam baths, swimming pools, saunas, and applying cosmetics.

Keep in mind that multiple treatment sessions are required. You’ll need to stay out of the sun and follow pretreatment orders again in preparation for treatment number two, number three, etc.

In some cases, you may see significant hair reduction as opposed to permanent results. In this scenario, follow-up treatments may be required.

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Laser hair removal is a relatively painless process, and it’s the most effective way to remove hair from your forehead permanently. With the exception of the eyelashes, it is safe to do on all areas of the body, including other areas of the face, such as the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. You can even remove your scalp hair if you’d like.

Ready to get rid of those overgrown eyebrow hairs or eliminate those between-the-brow hairs? Want to rid yourself of those baby hairs so you can wear different hairstyles? Laser hair treatment is the best option to consider.

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