Back hair removal

Your Full Breakdown to Back Hair Removal

Unless you have extra-long arms or double-jointed shoulders, it’s nearly impossible to remove your own back hair. Sure, there are body groomers, back shavers, and depilatory creams that make the DIY process possible, but none of those will give you a super smooth back. Unlike removing chest hair and facial hair, do-it-yourself back hair removal […]

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Facial hair removal

Proven Methods for Facial Hair Removal

None of us enjoy having hair grow in places where we don’t want it to grow. And while we manicure, shave, and remove hair from all parts of the body, when it’s growing unwanted on our face, it’s even worse. The good news is that there are lots of effective hair removal products on the […]

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Laser ear hair removal

Your Full Breakdown to Ear Hair Removal

Fed up with waxing, trimming, and plucking unwanted hair around your ears? You’re not the only one. Those ear hair trimmers and ear wax kits will remove unwanted body hair right now, but it always grows back. If you’re ready for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider laser ear hair removal. Ready to […]

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Nose hair removal

Everything You Need to Know About Nose Hair Removal

We all have hair growth on certain parts of the body where we wish hair didn’t grow. Women go to extreme lengths to remove unwanted leg, underarm, and facial hair. Men often struggle with removing body hair from their backs, chests, and ears. But men and women agree that one of the worst places for […]

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