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How Active Can I Be After My Tattoo Removal Treatments?

Exercising immediately BEFORE your laser tattoo removal treatment is no problem and recommended. But after you should be looking to avoid things that will induce or increase swelling after your treatment. For smaller tattoos located on the torso, take one or two days off following your treatment. If there is no swelling, feel free to […]

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How Many Treatments To Remove My Tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal is different for each client because every person and their tattoo is unique. Because of this, it is not possible to predict the exact number of treatments that a given tattoo will require for complete removal. If anyone claims otherwise, they are simply not being truthful! Most professional tattoos take around 4 […]

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Funny Tattoo Fails!

If it wasn’t for tattoo fails there would be no LaserAll! Here is a link to 25 of the funniest tattoo fails you’ll ever see. courtesy of The Daily Mail. Tattooing can be a dangerous process if under the influence of alcohol. This is when bad decisions are made. Don’t drink and Ink! Sometimes its […]

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Reasons To Remove That Unwanted Ink!

We all know why people get tattooed, to be artistic, to be cool, maybe you’re starting a rock band or maybe you just had to many drinks on a Saturday night. But reasons for removing a tattoo can be much more personal! A divorce or break up One of the most commonly removed tattoos is […]

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