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Worst Tattoo Trends!

It’s difficult to compile a list of bad tattoo trends because there has seemingly been so many over the years but gave it a try – From dream catchers to barbed wire to tribal to butterflies and everything in between. When getting a tattoo most people are under the impression that it’s permanent, […]

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Good blood circulation help your tattoo fade faster

Good blood circulation is an important part of the fading process, this is why tattoos located farther from the heart can fade a little slower because there is less blood being circulated to the area. However there are ways to even the playing field. Our clients often ask us what they can do in between […]

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black out tattoo 820x1024

Black Out Tattoos?

No, we’re not talking about the time you got that terrible tattoo while blacked out in Old Town Fort Collins, Loveland or Greeley. We’re talking about an actual Black Out Tattoo! Forget watercolor, glitter and white tattoos, there’s a new trend in ink. While many tattoos have intricate designs and bright colors, the blackout tattoo […]

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History Of Lasers

LASER is the abbreviation (or acronym) of “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation,” March 22, 1960: Townes and Schawlow, under Bell Labs, are granted US patent number 2,929,922 for the optical maser, now called a laser. With their application denied, Gould and TRG launch what would become a 30-year patent dispute related to laser […]

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